Ayder Yaylasi

Ayder Yaylasi
Ayder Plateau, located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, is covered with spruce and beech forests. It was founded by people living in Hala Valley in the one thousand and three hundred years. However, it was not used as a plateau, but became a resting facility for the people of the region. The people who migrated from Hala village to its highlands (Kaymur, Ceymakçur) set off again after being renewed in Ayder's thermal springs. These hot springs, which have attracted attention as healing water since the Ottoman period; It is good for rheumatic diseases, internal diseases, gynecological diseases and skin diseases.

It is possible to enter the pool, take a private bath or drink to benefit from the hot spring waters. Studies show that hot spring waters are good for rheumatic joint diseases, nervous, digestive, circulatory system diseases, urinary tract and reproductive organ diseases. Ayder, which started to be used as a highland as well as health tourism, has also become an entertainment center with festivals or constructions.

Rize Ayder Plateau is famous for its natural beauties and warm people. The plateau is located at the foot of high mountains and its height is about 1,200 meters. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, various activities can be done on the plateau. Especially for those who love nature sports such as swimming and trekking, Rize Ayder Plateau is an ideal place.

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