Elevit Plateau

Elevit Plateau
Elevit Plateau, located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, offers a magnificent view to its visitors with an altitude of 1884 meters. Since it does not have a high altitude, it is easier to reach than many plateaus of Rize and welcomes local and foreign tourists of all ages. Located between two streams at the foot of the mountains, this plateau welcomes its visitors with the inscription "Welcome to the beautiful Elevit".

With its forests covered with lush trees, it saturates the lungs with oxygen and reveals the beauty of the Black Sea in the best way possible. It is also possible to encounter animals such as donkeys, cows and horses on the plateau, where the locals are mostly engaged in animal husbandry. Since the plateau houses are frequented by the locals in the summer months, liveliness is felt. Elevit Plateau, which has become one of the favorite places of those who want to set up camp, also attracts the attention of nature photographers with its scenery and natural beauties. Fascinating with the sight of smoky mountains, accompanied by the fragrant scent of all kinds of flowers, the plateau makes you feel the best of nature.

In addition to the treats of the friendly and hospitable locals, it is also possible to find places to drink hot tea or taste traditional delicacies. It should also be noted that services such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for visitors who want to stay in chalets or pensions. It is not always possible to find a vehicle to Elevit Plateau, which can also be reached by public transportation from Çamlıhemşin, so going by private vehicle will help you have a more enjoyable time. If you want to visit this beautiful plateau without being restricted, you can have vehicles that you can access freely and comfortably with Arsima Rent A Car.
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