Cancellation & Refund Policy

The credit card holder (on which the user must be written on the card) and the person who will receive the vehicle must be the credit card holder. The money will be credited to the credit card that was paid.
Our reservation cancellation and fee payment for the car you rented from ARSİMA is as follows:

 1- You can cancel your reservation without changing any time while the rental is on the go for more than 1 time. The collection of the reservation fee is refunded to be forwarded.

2- A small fee is refundable for 1 rental of the reservation. If the rental service is less than 3, our service is per night.

3- It will not be refunded within 1 time if the reservation is not received from the rental.

4- After the vehicle is received, there is no delivery for the remaining days after the rental period.

5- Cancellation notifications have not been made to our reservation center as written on or by calling 0552 491.
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